Occupational Rehabilitation Services

Occupational rehabilitation services are a group of programs available to clients who have been involved in a motor vehicle or workplace accidents. Our occupational therapists, physiotherapists and kinesiologists can assist these clients in regaining the necessary physical, behavioural and/or vocational functions for return to either pre-injury employment or other work and to enable the injured worker to effectively self-manage the condition.

At Action Physiotherapy we offer the following occupational rehabilitation services:

  • Clinic-Based Occupational Rehabilitation Program (CBOR): The CBOR program is an exercise-based program, which focuses on strengthening an injury in a gym setting under the supervision of a qualified therapist. The goal of the CBOR program is to improve clients’ functional abilities to pre-injury status. When applicable, the goal may also be to prepare an individual for return to work.
  • Functional Assessments (FA): A FA is an injury-specific functional assessment. An FA will determine if an individual is capable of working in any capacity and provide rehabilitation recommendations as required.
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE): An FCE is a non-injury-specific functional assessment that determines overall body movement and function. An FCE will determine if an individual is capable of working in any capacity and provide rehabilitation recommendations as required.
  • Worksite Occupational Rehabilitation (WSOR): The WSOR program focuses on assisting individuals with the return to work process. A baseline functional assessment will be completed and a progressive return to work plan will be developed and monitored to ensure the person returns to work within their safe functional abilities.
  • Job Site Analysis (JSA): A JSA is an objective assessment performed by a qualified therapist The therapist will go to the individual’s workplace, assess the functional abilities of each job demand and determine if the individual is safe & suitable to return to the physical demands of the job
  • The Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP): The PGAP is an evidence-based treatment program for reducing disability-associated chronic health conditions.
  • Ergonomic Assessment/Work Station Review: An Ergonomic Assessment is a workplace evaluation that consists of our team going to the workplace to review individuals’ ergonomic workstation setup.
  • Adjudication Assessment: An adjudication assessment is a process that involves a qualified therapist meeting with an injured worker onsite at the workplace in order to identify environmental, equipment design or administrative hazards which may contribute to illness or injury.
  • Psychosocial Risk Factor Intervention (PRFI): This is a 10-week pain management program designed to assist injured workers who are experiencing chronic pain and are at risk for long-term disability.

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Meet Our Occupational Therapist

Gillian Lock Occupational therapist - action physiotherapy st. john's

Gillian Locke, Registered Occupational Therapist at Action Physiotherapy, St. John's