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What Is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is holistic form of meaningful therapy focused on making people independent on their daily task. Occupational therapists are skilled professionals who help us carry out daily activities. These activities range from day to day task such as walking, cooking and sleeping to more complex tasks such as painting, playing music and gardening. Range of patients vary form babies, children, adults  it is process to enhance the physical and mental capabilities of who have suffered some form of physical and mental in hurry.

Work place injury, whether it is connected to one-time event, repetitive strain; or chronic pain relating to low back, neck, or wrist injuries  can be debilitating and difficult to deal with. Injury and pain can have a serious impact on quality of life and productivity in the workplace .Our Occupational Therapists are available to assist in identifying a client's current health status and to develop a rehabilitation plan for the best possible recovery.

Ergonomic Assessment

Our highly trained and experienced Occupational Therapy staff will complete a detailed ergonomic assessment and provide injury prevention solutions in the workplace or home environment.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

pediatric occupational therapy actionphysio st. john's

Pediatric occupational therapists help children who are recovering from a variety of injuries, disabilities and illnesses readjust to their daily tasks and routines. Call Us at 709-576-7770 to book an appointment.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy is a specialized are of practice focusing on a child’s physical and mental development, often in preparation for the start of school. Our pediatric occupational therapist provides a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan to address a child’s physical, mental or behavioral issues to allow for the best possible child development. Typical clients present with:

  • ADHD;
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder;
  • Failure to Thrive;
  • Coordination Development Disorder; and
  • Delayed Pre-School Readiness.

Injured Workers

At Action Physiotherapy, we believe no one should work in pain. We provide client centered treatment aimed at returning injured workers to pre-injury function.

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