Rehabilitation Clinic For Work-Related Injuries in St. john's

We know work injuries can happen and that’s why we are partnered with WorkplaceNL in order to help you get back to work. WorkplaceNL only covers services provided by clinics that have signed the current Memorandum of Agreement and all of our health care providers at action physiotherapy (physiotherapists, massage therapists, and kinesiologist) are ready to help you with a safe and early return to the most productive employment possible.

Rehabilitation Clinic For Work-Related Injuries in St. John's

For Work related injuries, Action physiotehrapy provides therapy-based rehabilitation services by regulated health professionals

Physiotherapy and WorkplaceNL

In the case of new injuries, an injured worker may be referred to a physiotherapist by their family physician OR you may contact our clinic directly if it has been 2 weeks or less since your date of injury. For injuries that are greater than 2 weeks duration, a physician referral is required prior to your physiotherapy assessment.

Massage Therapy and WorkplaceNL

WorkplaceNL may cover up to six massage therapy sessions per claim provided by a registered massage therapist if:

  • The request is accompanied by a physician referral indicating the expected benefit of this treatment modality towards the overall function of the injured worker
  • The request relates to the compensable injury
  • Massage therapy is in conjunction with an active treatment program such as physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, clinic based occupational rehabilitation, worksite occupational rehabilitation, or a progressive goal attainment program.

Occupational Rehabilitation

Occupational rehabilitation providers are occupational therapists, physiotherapists and kinesiologists who provide interventions to assist injured workers to regain the necessary physical, behavioural and/or vocational functions for return to either pre-injury employment or other work and to enable the injured worker to effectively self-manage the condition. At Action Physiotherapy we offer:

  • Clinic Based Occupational Rehabilitation Program (CBOR)
  • Functional Assessments
  • Worksite Occupational Rehabilitation (WSOR)
  • Job Site Analysis (JSA)
  • Work Station Review (WSR)
  • Adjudication Assessment
  • Psychosocial Risk Factor Intervention (PRFI)

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