At Action Physiotherapy, our registered therapists specialize in providing a comprehensive treatment approach. Our focus is hands-on, one-on-one, personalized treatment. We are committed to providing expert care and individual-tailored therapy for all our patients. We utilize a variety of therapies and treatment techniques to relieve your painful symptoms and get you back to regular activities. We believe in providing an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to treatment, allowing you to live the lifestyle that you want to live.

Our Promise To You 

    • Always provide you (clients) with clear standards and expectations;
    • Ensure that all patients receive services that are appropriate and responsive to their needs;
    • Ensure that every patient contact reaches an appropriate conclusion;
    • Seek to provide patients with a refreshingly efficient, seamless and expert service;
    • Strive to provide clear and accurate advice to our clients;
    • Equip and educate our staff to enable expert service provision;
    • Ensure that if we can’t help we will assist you in finding someone who can; and
    • Respond to all patient concerns and inquiries in a timely manner
    • If we don’t live up to our promises and commitment, your treatment is on us. Your health is our passion!

Meet The Team At Action Physiotherapy, St. John's

Rebecca Doyle

Registered Physiotherapist

Gilian Locke

Registered Occupational Therapist

Candace Peckford, Administrative Support at Action Physiotherapy, St. John's

Candace Peckford

Administrative Assistant

Andrea Jones

Registered Physiotherapist

Courtney Stirton-Howell

Registered Massage Therapist

Evan Roberts

Registered Physiotherapist

Sasha Fillier

Registered Massage Therapist